Sophisticated Recipes and Techniques
We carefully consider the ingredients in our recipes and use a sophisticated technique for baking. Every cake is a crystallization of the patissier’s dedication and focus. Regardless of the number of times we make an item, we want you to experience it to the fullest.
Instead of a fancy appearance, a cake made by Cheese Garden is the peak of Japanese authenticity, which is defined by its simple appearance, and its light and mellow flavour. The quality of Cheese Garden’s cakes comes from the effort we put into choosing and preparing our ingredients so that we can provide you with an unmatched experience.
Authentic and Mellow Flavour
We choose superior ingredients from around the world with an exacting standard. Our cheeses are unique, and our seasonal fresh fruits are the charm of our unique R & D. We have never stopped researching and refining our techniques to make Cheese Garden’s unique recipes an achievement of the highest quality.
Better Ingredients
We treat every customer the way we would want to be treated—by being served delicious cakes with a smile! Attentiveness and warmth are the keys to the quality service Cheese Garden promises to deliver to every customer.
Attentive Customer Service
The founder searched throughout Toronto for the finest ingredients, and devoted herself to the development of her recipes in order to share authentic Japanese desserts with the people of Toronto. Today, on a lazy afternoon, you can stop by Cheese Garden for exquisite pastries reminiscent of the streets of Tokyo.
If it weren’t for a trip to Japan a decade ago, we may not have had the chance to share cake with our friends today. During the stay in Japan, the founder of Cheese Garden had the opportunity and honour to study and sample many pastries under a Japanese patissier. Longing to share her experience with others, the founder was inspired to open a Japanese dessert shop.
Cheese Garden implements sophisticated techniques, and upholds a philosophy of achieving the highest quality of food, service, and development of recipes to become the best Japanese dessert shop in Toronto. We adhere to Japanese-style recipes, and do our utmost to present our customers with our sweet gifts. Let us bring you the opportunity to share our creations with your family and friends.


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